Here are a few Awana videos to help you understand how God is working to change lives through our ministry.

An introductory video explaining more about Awana.

Experience the hearts of passionate kids and leaders as they spread the gospel and God’s Word through the ministry of Awana.

We do our best to raise our children, and when they head out on their own we hope we have left a life-defining, long lasting, spiritual impact.

God is changing the world through the ministry of Awana by equipping leaders to reach kids with the gospel and engaging them in long-term discipleship.

 Game Time Ideas 

The Model Awana Games Participant
What 1st Corinthians 13 teaches us about playing games.

Awana Game Book

The Awana Game Book has been written as a tool and a resource for Awana clubs. As a tool, it serves churches by explaining in detail how to have an exciting well-run Game Time. It also defines the responsibilities of Awana leadership at Game Time.  This is the place to start! 

Your Role as the Game Director   this explains the basics of your role in leading games.

The Awana Game Period   notes from an experienced workshop teacher.   These ideas will benefit every game leader!

More Than Just Games    How the Awana game leader can influence the success of the entire club.

Effective Game Time   More recommendations for making your game time great!

Games in Limited Spaces

How to have fun and attract young people when you don't have room for an Awana Game Square.

Small Space Games

Game ideas when space is smaller, indoors or outside.


This ENORMOUS GIGANTIC COLOSSAL HUMONGOUS MASSIVE COLLECTION of GAMES is more than just a book of games. Gathered from multiple sources and people this collection will provide you games for every event, lesson, or class.  From  Kidology  

Zany Games

From    KidzBlitz      Hundreds of Zany Games to get kids involved in learning!

10 Awesome Activities    here are 10 games you can play with a crowd of kids that only require items you already have: balls, cards, coins, or nothing at all!     From   KidSpot  

17 Just Fun Games      Great for T&T or Teens.

50 Exciting Games!   Plus some games basics, helpful for everyone.

The Official Awana Game Square

The Official Game Square; modify to fit your available space.

How To Install A Game Square

Cubbies Games

Cubbies are special, and they need special games!  Here are some ideas.

Banana Games

Great ideas for 'Fruit of the Spirit" night.  Could get messy!

Outside games for warm weather.  Great for Summer special events!

The Ohio Activity Book

The games and activities used at Awana camp; can be adapted for your kids.

Game Time Essentials      Notes from the Club Clinic.

How to Have the Best Game Time   Workshop notes from an experienced game leader.

Games Beyond the Basic Circle

How to use every day items to enhance your game time.

50 Game Variations   Ideas you can use this week to make game time more exciting!

An Awana Fair is a fun time with decorations, booths and many small prizes. The fair is lots of fun, plus it provides an occasion for attracting new clubbers and families to the church.  Plan to present a clear gospel message to young people who perhaps have never heard of Christ’s love.

Booth Ideas For Your Fun Fair

47 booth ideas that you can use for your Fun Fair.

More Great Fun Fair Ideas!

Pictures of what one church did for their fun fair!

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As missionaries we are continually looking for new ways to serve our churches and clubs.  Here are some resources available now:

The Legacy Coalition  Inspiring and equipping grandparents to be intentional spiritual influencers in their grandchildren's lives.

The Awana Blog   

Truthseekers provides Bible lessons for use in starting a new club or augmenting your existing ministry.

Youth Missions International is a  training organization that empowers young people to continually live and share their faith in Christ in the global communities they serve.

Base Sports equips the local church with sports ministry tools that enact life change and develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Lifeline inspires and equips men and women, families, churches and communities to develop Godly parents.  Lifeline includes the ministries of Returning Hearts, Malachi Dads, Hannahs Gift, and Turn.

Please contact one of the missionaries if you have any questions about these services.